Our main activities are:

  • Management of the Energy Certification of Buildings System (SCE), the Energy Intensive Consumption Management System (SGCIE) and others assigned to ADENE by national legislation;
  • Provide technical assistance in the identification and feasibility evaluation of energy efficiency measures or projects, namely in the scope of the Energy Efficiency Program in the Public Administration (Eco.AP), as well as for private organizations;
  • Management of “Academia ADENE”, ADENE’s Training Department, responsible for the training of Qualified Experts on energy certification of buildings, offering official and renowned Capacity building & training programs for other professionals on energy efficiency and water efficiency topics, including  specialized training and application of energy management tools (e.g. CMVP), practices and technologies;
  • Promotion of research, development, collaborative innovation and technology transfer in the areas of energy efficiency, water efficiency and water-energy nexus, through partnerships between ADENE and R&D institutions from the national scientific system, companies and international counterparts, in the framework of national or international programs and networks to encourage collaborative R&D;
  • Participate in European projects aiming to share its experience and benefit from the active cooperation between partners within the energy and water sectors;  
  • Development of campaigns and actions aimed at increasing awareness and provide information for citizens, companies and public administration on energy and water efficiency and the related environmental dimension;
  • Participate in national and international networks or associations of organizations with a similar vocation.

Three new useful Energy Tools and Platforms in the pipeline for 2017 and 2018, powered by ADENE

Poupa Energia” platform – the Energy Supplier Switching Operator platform will allow consumers to access, in an easy, independent, transparent and personalized way, to information regarding the energy offers in the electricity and natural gas markets, aiming to simplify their choices and assuring a smooth transition between energy suppliers. Small and medium enterprises and other organizations with electric consumption under 20,70 kVA (standard low voltage – BTN) will have a specific simulator to choose the best energy supplier and have access to information on energy efficiency, in order to reduce their energy bill;

CINERGIA, the Energy Information Centre – will provide citizens a wide and integrated vision of the energy sector, from production to transport, storage and consumption, critically contributing to the energy literacy of the civil society;

Energy Observatory – aims at collecting, analyzing and make available, data on the energy sector, namely indicators and statistics, which will contribute to the evaluation of the public policies in the energy sector.