ADENE is the National Energy Agency in Portugal, a private non-profit public benefit association with the mission to develop public interest activities in the areas of energy and energy efficiency (including mobility), water efficiency and water-energy nexus.

Responsible for the National Building Energy Certification System, the Intensive Energy Consumption Management System (covering Water Utilities) and others assigned by national legislation, ADENE also provides technical assistance in the identification and evaluation of energy efficiency measures and projects, namely for the Public Administration (Eco.AP Program), as well as for private organizations.

ADENE is also dedicated to Water Efficiency and Water-Energy Nexus (including Energy Efficiency within the Water Sector), targeted at all Stakeholders, including Cities, Urban Water Services and Water Innovators. New challenges in which ADENE is actively working, engaging with other organizations and promoting R&D projects.

At a national level, ADENE works with some of the main players of the Portuguese water sector, providing top capacity building & training programs, information and evaluation services, for energy and water efficiency in water infrastructures.

Being recognised as part of the Portuguese Scientific and Technological System, ADENE participates in several national and European projects, aiming to share its experience from the active cooperation between partners within the Energy and Water Sectors.